Beta-Testing Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers the way that we beta-test our apps. Beta-testing usually means that we track the user a bit more carefully than we do when the app has been published.

This policy extends the General Privacy Policy.

  1. We Use Apple’s TestFlight Beta-Testing Service for Our Testing.

Apple’s TestFlight is an excellent service they provide to app developers. It allows app developers the opportunity to easily send prerelease copies of their apps to selected users.

Normally, any app that is sent to users must be cleared via the Apple App Store Validation Process, which is a pretty big deal.

With TestFlight, the clearance process is far simpler, and a developer can send copies of their apps to users for almost immediate feedback.

This is a basic overview of using TestFlight.

It requires that the selected user install an app on their device, which tells Apple (and us) some details about your device. In particular, exactly what type of device it is, and the version of the operating system running on the device. Not much else.

When you agree to use TestFlight, you agree to share some information with Apple and with us. This is explained when you install the app.

In some cases, a crash and/or energy report can be sent to us. This will contain more detail about your phone, but Apple is careful not to allow information other than that directly necessary to the app to be transmitted.

Since we write awesome software that never crashes or sucks up too much energy, we’ll probably never see any of these reports ?.

Once you are done with the beta-test cycle, your information is not retained. If you wish to remain in a “pool” of testers for future apps, let us know. We’ll keep your information around, and ask you if you wish to test future apps for us.

  1. You’re Doing Us A Favor, and We Appreciate It.

Testing is a valuable service, and it helps us to keep that “ultra-high-quality” promise. We appreciate your help, and will usually “gift” you with a free copy of the app, once it has been officially released.

We can’t guarantee that, as we may write apps on behalf of others, and they may not agree to allow “gifted” versions of their apps, but for our part, we’ll always strive to make it worth your while.

We really appreciate and value your help!

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