About The Great Rift Valley Software Company

The Great Rift Valley Software Company was founded in 2018, as an independent iOS (Apple Mobile Operating System) software developer.

We are based on Long Island, New York.

Focus On Quality

We focus on delivering a high-quality, natural and pleasant user experience.

Decades of Experience

The Great Rift Valley Software Company represents decades of experience in Software development. Our Principal, Chris Marshall, has developed software for Apple computers and mobile devices since 1986.

An Open Book

We have been working on open-source projects for decades. We have thousands and thousands of checkins, in many different open source code repositories, comprising six digits of lines of code, in many different languages.

We have scores of Web pages, documents and generated documentation for perusal.

We have had over 20 apps on the Apple App Store since 2012 (the current number is less, as we are “retiring” obsolete apps).

Basically, there shouldn’t ever be any questions about our dedication to quality, design and architecture skills, or coding styles. It’s all out there for anyone to see.

Managerial Experience

Chris Marshall was a manager at Nikon for twenty-five years. He has a great deal of experience in a tremendously accountable role, and was able to keep highly experienced and skilled engineers on board for decades.

He has extensive international travel experience, cultural flexibility and presentation skills.

He also knows what’s important to managers. The #1 feature of any project is “Delivery.” It. Must. Ship. To specification, on time, and within budget.

Resources For You

Here is Chris Marshall’s Résumé (PDF File)

Here are A Number of Chris Marshall’s Writings.

Here is Chris Marshall’s LinkedIn Profile

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