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Quality is Our #1 Feature

What sets apps written by The Great Rift Valley Software Company apart, is their quality. This is far more than just an absence of bugs. It is a natural, responsive, flowing user experience. It is attractive aesthetics. It is an intuitive, pleasant interface. It is a fast startup. It is low battery and memory usage. It is careful attention to detail in all aspects. It is great support.

Basically, you should love using even the simplest and humblest of our apps. They should deliver what you need, be a joy to use, and you should be able to rely on them completely.

Current Work

Currently, we are developing a “full-feature” ONVIF Swift framework driver for Cocoa, which will make ONVIF completely available as an infrastructure toolbox for applications written to run on macOS, iOS, and tvOS.

The idea is to replace the awkward XML/SOAP communications and parsing with a natural, fully-native Swift delegation/object model.

Simply put, with this framework, you will be able to easily write extremely powerful apps that will interface with, and control, cameras, NVRs and other IoT devices that are ONVIF conformant, and you won’t need to deal with the tasks of interfacing with the devices.

Services We Provide

Concept-to-App-Store Native iOS App Development

We have a great deal of experience writing native iOS apps. If you want to see your app on the Apple iOS App Store, then we can definitely do that for you. Our specialty is writing apps in Swift, Apple’s native development language, for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

We can take your concept, and “flesh it out,” to specify, scope and build a deliverable; going through Requirements Discovery, Project Planning, Quality Targets, UX and Aesthetic Design and (if necessary) Subcontractor Referrals.

Once the project is approved, then we can work through all the steps it takes to create an App Store app. We’ll develop an overall plan, and you can decide if the project is appropriate to your business and/or strategic goals.

Once we have a clear idea of the project, we can then decide on the development lifecycle, which could be a highly dynamic, super-flexible “plan as you go” methodology, or a far more structured process.

In all projects, quality, transparency, scope management, risk management and resource management are important coefficients.

Consultation, Mentoring and Training on Mobile App Development and Swift

Developing a mobile app experience is fairly challenging. If you are used to developing Web sites, you probably have a better idea of what it takes to serve mobile consumers than if you are developing host (computer) apps.

With that in mind, however, development of native apps requires a skillset more akin to that used to develop host applications. Most Web developers don’t have the skills to develop true native apps.

This is one reason that so many native apps seem to be “retrofitted” host applications. They may “work” properly, but aren’t always particularly easy (or fun) to use on a mobile device.

We’ll be happy to help your team to focus on providing a true mobile experience.

Additionally, we’re quite good with the Apple Swift Programming Language, and can provide valuable mentoring and training in using it to write native apps for Apple devices.

Development of Code Components

Most applications are actually amalgams of various components.

For example, when you connect to an online service, such as Twitter or Facebook, you usually do so through an API and/or an SDK.

These are protocols and/or code libraries that facilitate an interface between two applications; usually a client (such as an iPhone app), and a server (such as an online social media site).

We can write SDKs to interface to published APIs, or help to develop an API for a server.

We could also write components, such as user interface elements (maybe specialized “widgets” that enhance the user experience of an app).


With decades of experience in software development, and a firm grasp of iOS development and the Swift Programing Language, we can be of great assistance in resolving challenging issues.

Our Own Branded Apps

We have written a number of apps that are available on the Apple iOS App Store.

Open-Source Contributions

We have made some fairly powerful software available as open-source, MIT-licensed code.

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