Web Site Privacy Policy

This policy is the privacy policy that covers this Web site (the corporate Web site for The Great Rift Valley Software Company).

This policy extends the General Privacy Policy.

  1. If We Send You Somewhere Else, We Make That Clear.

We don’t control the privacy policies of other sites, or services that we use.

External Links

If we send you to a site outside of this one, we indicate it with a special link adornment (for text links) and a red rollover color (for all links).

Like this.

The one exception is the Apple iOS Store link. In order to meet Apple display guidelines, we can’t adorn the icon, so this image:

Will take you away from this Web site to an Apple iOS App Store page.

Another Partial exception is the GitHub link, which turns red on rollover, but doesn’t have the adornment, and will take you away from this Web site to The Great Rift Valley Software Company Github Repos page. The Facebook link acts the same way, but takes you to The Great Rift Valley Software Company Facebook Page.

Internal Links

Links to pages within this site will not have adornments, and will turn green upon rollover.

Like this.

All Great Rift Valley Software Company site pages will contain the background watermark and the basic branding that is apparent on this Web page.

  1. This Web Site Uses Cookies to Track Logins and Preferences.

This Web site is a standard WordPress Web site, and uses standard cookies to track logins and visitor preferences.

Cookies are text files that a Web site sends to your browser. Your browser retains this text file, and correlates it to the Web site.

The next time that your browser loads the Web site, it sends the cookies that it has stored for that site back to the Web site.

Cookies are “timed.” They have a lifespan that is set by the Web site. If the cookie is older than its lifespan, it is deleted by the browser, and not sent to the Web site.

Here are the standard cookies used by this Web site:

Cookie name Data stored When does it expire? Description
wordpress_test_cookie The text ‘WP Cookie check’ A session cookie, deleted when you close your web browser. WordPress sets this cookie when you load the login page. It is used to check whether your web browser is set to reject (or allow) cookies.
wordpress_xxxxx Your login authentication details in an encrypted form A session cookie, deleted when you close your web browser. WordPress uses these cookies to store your authentication details, and these only apply to the administration console area of the site.
Your login authentication details in an encrypted form Two Weeks (14 Days) from the time they were set. They are refreshed upon each login. WordPress uses these cookies to store your authentication details, and these only apply to the administration console area of the site.
Text indicating your preferred settings A bit less than one year from the time they’re set. WordPress uses this cookie to customize your view of the administration interface, and other site functionality.
cookie_notice_accepted The text “true” 30 days This is set by the “privacy bar” that is shown at the bottom of the screen, the first time that you visit this Web site.

This Web site does not display third-party advertisements, and does not use Google Analytics.

We do use Google’s reCAPTCHA service to vet contact form submissions. This is a Google service, and their privacy policies can be found here. You will also see the reCAPTCHA badge on this page (lower right-hand corner). This flyout badge also appears on the Home Page of this site, where we have our Contact Form, and it will direct you to the Google privacy pages.

We also use Rob Myrick’s Google Language Translator Plugin. This uses Google Translate to provide realtime, in-place page translations of this site. This will also follow Google’s privacy policies (linked above).

If you do not log in, and don’t load the login page, then your browser should not be served any cookies from this Web site.

  1. This Web Site Does Not Track Your Emails.

When you reach us via our contact form, the Web site does not track your email. We may retain your email on a server other than this one, but follow the same principles as the General Privacy Policy, regarding the custody and ownership of the data; with the significant exception that we are likely to retain the email that you send us indefinitely, as it is an explicit record of direct communication with us, and should be retained for legal and service reasons.

That said, it is still your data, and we will not share the communication with third parties without your express opt-in consent, or if there is a valid, legal and ethical reason for doing so.

Also, we will never use your email address for any purpose that does not pertain to the reason that you sent us the email. If we want to send you marketing emails, we will ask you explicitly for permission, and will not add your email to a marketing list without an unambiguous positive confirmation from you to our request.

If you ever want to be removed from any email list, please contact us. You may also reply to the email’s “From” address. We will not send you emails from a “no reply” address.

  1. Web Server Logging

Like most sites, our hosting server collects data from visitors, and stores them in Web Server Logs. These are files that contain information about visitors to the site. They may include your Internet Protocol (IP) address, details about your browser (or app), the time that your visit occured, its duration, along with which pages of the site you visited, and for how long.

As a general policy, these are only used in an aggregate form for determining site usage statistics (like how many site visitors we get, and which pages are most popular). If we ever look at individual data, it is generally only retroactively, for forensics.

Even though the data is available, we won’t look at individual user data, unless we believe there may be a security or legal issue.

Web server logs are stored on the server, and are usually archived for a limited time, as they are of considerable size.

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